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wiiu rom marioThe Electronic Entertainment Expo, which took place in June, was the place where Nintendo revealed Wii’s successor is currently under development. The new gaming gadget, the WiiU will include basic video controllers on either end. Use it as a controller, and you got yourself another screen of data, providing new gaming experiences.

According to Nintendo, they are confident that the new device will indeed enhance game experiences.
To make sure that WiiU is going to be a major success, Nintendo has teamed up with numerous third-party developers to create various different games for the new gaming device. Well, when it comes to video games, these developers are the center of the universe.
It is quite possible for Nintendo to come up with the best possible games for their newest device, but if others will not create games, many buyers will simply be unable to afford buying several game systems.

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Let’s analyze this with the video game strategy analogy, Gillette, whic is frequently cited. At first, Microsoft and Sony’s hardware was a major per-unit loss, but they anticipated that customers are going to purchase sufficient games to turn gamble into a profitable business activity.
On the other hand, Nintendo never put on the market high-end technology at high prices. They prefer to associate new uses for their ingenious gadgets and warp them up in a box that is sold on a market at a decent price. Nintendo easily outperforms both the Playstation3 and the Xbox 360 and keep making money from each Wii unit they have sold so far. The company is a highly profitable one, as they simply mark their products to make profits.

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The war between manufacturers for market share has lead to $700 gaming machines that nobody can really afford or to some other cost-effective machines that are not popular at all, exactly because they are cheap. Thus, when a company like Electronic Arts declares that they are going to create games for Nintendo’s WiiU, that is equal to winning the jackpot.

WiiU features HD graphics, offering the possibility to play similar high-end games as those from Microsoft and Sony, which will lose the graphic quality if are ported to the Wii. Wow, these sounds great, but the truth is, that the new Nintendo console is the same as the 2005 Microsoft console.
Nintendo promises to offer unique and amazing games. At the Electronic Entertainment Expo they have presented a demo chase game with four players searching for the fifth one using standard Wii controllers in a split screen. However, the fifth player equipped with the WiiU controller was able to hide as he could not be seen on the shared split screen. Without any doubts, this can generate remarkable games. However, this is a feature that was added to Gamecube games about 10 years ago, when a tennis game could be shared between a portable Game Boy Advance and a TV.
It seems that Nintendo wants the gamers to quit their known territories and explore new uncharted ones each and every time. This is a tactic worked for them in most cases, but not always. wiiukey

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Starting from 2004, Nintendo has managed to sell just about 120 millions of DS, GameBoy’s successor. The main feature of the DS is its dual screen set-up within one single touchscreen. It is basically the same as the WiiU offers. Actually, this might not be a bad thing, as by now game designers would have managed to learn how to create games with that set-up.

The truth is that Nintendo has been seriously undervalued by people for almost 30 years. Nintendo Entertainment System was considered toxic by the US retailers and thus, it was not stocked. Although, the Wii was mostly seen as a toy rather than a video game, the gaming device was actually purchased by people who would absolutely refuse to purchase an “actual” game system.

The Legend of Zelda series is among Nintendo’s major franchises, where an elf saves a princess. On the other hand, Super Mario is also a game where a princess has to be saved. There are similar games, but they completely differ in execution. WiiU HDD - WiiU isos Download.

In the same way, the goals of Nintendo and its competitors are basically the same but they try to achieve it differently. For instance, Microsoft and Sony are huge companies and the gaming part is just a division of their core business. On the other hand, Nintendo us just about games, and it is an amusement company instead of an electronic company. Such devices as the Wii were born because of this particular philosophy. It is also the reason why Nintendo’s actions and activities cannot be copied by various other tech companies.

wiiu romsAs already stated, Nintendo wants the gamers to try out new things each and every time. This tactic has proven to be a winning one in most cases. Still, gamers might decline Nintendo’s new offer, the WiiU. But, we should also keep in mind that Nintendo is only company in the gaming industry that constantly wants gamers to try out new things.

Well, they might also experience failure at some point, but, at least they fail innovating.

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